Brief Vita for Johan G. F. Belinfante

Personal Data

Born in Leiden, the Netherlands

Citizenship: U. S. (Naturalized, 1955)

My father, Frederik Jozef Belinfante (1913-1991), was a theoretical physicist, a student of H. A. Kramers.
He is best known for his pioneering work with Wolfgang Pauli on the connection between spin and statistics, and for his work on quantizing gravity.

My wife, Irene Ann Belinfante, is a retired civil engineer. She was a group leader in the Bridge Department of the Georgia Department of Transportation.


Ph.D. Thesis (Major Professor: Marvin L. Goldberger):

"The Effects of the Nucleon-Antinucleon Intermediate State on P-Wave Pion-Pion Scattering Resonances", Princeton University Ph. D. Dissertation in Physics. (1961)

Employment History

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This vita is not complete. The more complete vita in PDF format includes teaching and service at Georgia Tech.

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