Tentative Curves for Belinfante's Math 2602 Exams

Summer 2007

The class average and standard deviation are not the sole basis on which letter grades are computed. They are provided only as a guide to you to see how well you did relative to the rest of the class.

                                number of
           average   st devn    students       comments
Exam 1      77.48     10.01        46        
Exam 2      80.11     16.46        46  
Exam 3      83.24     17.10        45

The posted statistics are subject to adjustments due to makeups, drops, and grade corrections.

Exam policies

Any type of calculator may be used on the exams, but one must still document the solution as if no calculator had been used. Unsupported answers will not receive full credit.

Cell phones and earphones are not permitted. The Academic Honor Code will be enforced.

If an exam is missed on account of illness or another valid reason, please come to my office to take a makeup exam promptly upon your return. Absences need to be properly documented. Please bring with you a written explanation regarding your absence from the exam when you come to take the makeup exam.

When exams are handed back, please check that your grade has been properly totalled. If you feel an error was made in the grading, please write on the top of your exam page only the question number that needs to be regraded and give your exam paper to Prof. Belinfante, not your TA. Please do not write anything else on your paper. Regrade requests are ordinarily accepted only if made promptly after papers are handed back.

Unclaimed exams will be considered as evidence of non-attendance.

Progress report

An unsatisfactory progress report is issued as a warning to students whose grades are in the bottom 1/3 of class shortly before the final drop date.

Final exams

The registrar's office says that all conflicts involving the final exam should be resolved by a specified date.

Course grades

The course grade will be based on documented performance on examinations. All examinations will count equally, including the final examination.

Incompletes can not be removed without satisfactory written documentation. An incomplete not removed during the next term that the student is enrolled will automatically be converted by the registrar to a failing grade. Please refer to the registrar's student rules and regulations.

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Updated: 2007 July 25