Belinfante's Summer 2006 Math 2602 Class

The location and time for the lectures and recitations are indicated below.   

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Lectures:  2602   Prof. Belinfante   MWF  10:40-11:50 p.m.    Skiles 268

CRN   Section      Time               Classroom  Name of T.A.   office     phone          e-mail address
51779 Math 2602 A1 TTh  8:40- 9:50 am Skiles 146 Yan Shu        Skiles 137 (404) 894-4756
52103 Math 2602 B1 TTh 10:00-11:10 am Skiles 146 Andrey Kislyuk Skiles 137 (404) 894-4756

General information:

Final Exam

The final exam is tentatively scheduled for 11:30 a.m.- 2:20 p.m. Monday, 31 July 2006, in Skiles 268. Closed books, no notes. Calculators are permitted. The exam covers the entire course, with questions on recursive definitions, combinatorics, graph theory, linear algebra and linear programming.

Handouts and supplementary material:

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